About 315 Machine Design

Intelligent Machines Designed and Built for Your Success

Established in 2014, 315 Machine Design, LLC is the one custom machine design and build company that focuses on your business’ success by actively listening to your needs and desires, — and through our collaborative processes and design philosophy, we’re able to provide long-term, innovative solutions to your machinery needs.

Our Founder


Pat Klingberg

A new product development and product management executive with over 20 years of engineering, sales & marketing, and manufacturing operations experience designing and building custom machinery and systems — and managing multiple product lines. Learn more.

Our Core Values

Provide customer first service

We believe in order to be customer-first we need to: carefully listen to your needs; ask as many questions as it takes to fully understand the problem at hand; provide the most appropriate solution, and request feedback all through the process.

Pursue growth and learning

We believe that business growth — as well as personal growth — is directly connected to learning. We know that we may not know every detail about your needs or problem to solve, but we will quickly learn through questioning — and even consult with subject matter experts, when necessary, to bring you the best possible solution. Furthermore, since our growth is directly tied to our staff’s knowledge, we encourage our employees to learn something new each and every day.

Build open and honest relationships with communication

Communication is key to any relationship. We believe to have a truly deep and lasting win-win relationship both parties must be open and honest with each other. To achieve this type of relationship, we work hard each and every day to provide you with timely information about your project. If, for any reason, the project is not as transpiring as expected we will work with you to resolve the issues and provide solutions until you are completely satisfied.

Be passionate and determined

We are in business because we love what we do. We get excited when we have the chance to help another company solve a problem they are facing. Determination and hard work go hand-in-hand with the passion to solve problems. To solve your problems.

Why 315 Machine Design

  • We have over 25 years of sales, marketing, operations, engineering and machine design and building experience in a manufacturing environment.
  • We clarify and gain commitment to what is important to the client. As part of this commitment we openly discuss what you can expect from us and we expect from you.
  • We understand that you are looking for a solution to your problem, and we're there to guide you through the process of discovery.
  • We take the time to explain the solution and how it will solve the underlying problem that we are solving so all the stakeholders from maintenance to operators to finance to management have a thorough understanding.
  • It's one thing to design a machine; it's another to design it so that it will meet all of your goals — financially and operationally. We have a proven track record of designing machines that solve your operational problem while achieving financial goals.

Our Skill Set

Machine Design

25+ Years

Product Development & Management

25+ Years

Lean Manufacturing

20+ Years

Machine Safety

25+ Years

3D Modeling

15+ Years

Our Design Philosophy


The Inspiration

These famous design quotes are the genesis of our design philosophy.
"There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence."
Massimo Vignelli, Designer
"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent."
Joe Sparano, Graphic Designer
"Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment."
Naoto Fukasawa, Industrial Designer
"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
Steve Jobs

Industrial equipment must be easy to use, easy to maintain, and if technology is involved, it must melt into the background so that it doesn't get in the way.

Our Design Process

315 Machine Design - Design Process

01 Define the Problem

315 Machine Design - Define the Problem
We ask many questions — who, what, why, which, when, where, what if, how — to fully understand your problem.
These questions, many times in the form of a survey, allows us, as well as you the customer, break down the problem into smaller, more digestible chunks of information.
Part of any solution is to determine the technical, economic, social, environmental, and political constraints, or boundaries, that the machine must operate within.

02 Research

315 Machine Design - Research
We research to see if a solution has been developed within your industry and see how it can be adapted to your problem.
If there isn’t one found we will look outside your industry to gain inspiration.
As part of the solution research we look for possible intellectual property opportunities that could cause conflict or provide a competitive advantage.

03 Imagine

315 Machine Design - Imagine
We brainstorm with you, potential vendors, subject matter experts to develop as many viable solutions as possible.
In order to develop these solutions we defer judgement to allow for the “wild” ideas to bubble to the forefront.
We present you with at least three of these possible solutions to show the breadth of the probabilities.

04 Choose a Design

315 Machine Design - Choose a Design: Yes No Maybe
During the presentation, we explain the benefits and possible challenges of each design.
We explain the basic first principles that were defined in an earlier step.
It culminates in the decision to pursue one of the possible solutions or a mix of solutions that we agree will prove beneficial.
The outcome of this phase will be a proposal to design and build this machine.

05 Create the Machine

315 Machine Design - Create the Machine
The beginning of this step is the production of a timeline explaining the sequence of events, showing the critical path to completion.
Next, the design begins. We start with the winning concept and further develop the solution. This is where the engineering begins.
Production-ready drawings and documentation are created and presented to the customer for approval to manufacture.
Upon approval, manufacturing begins.
Weekly reports are provided showing what has been accomplished and the next steps. This can be supplemented with visuals showing the progress.

06 Test & Evaluate

315 Machine Design - Test & Evaluate
During the manufacturing process, subsystems will be functionally tested and reports produced.
Once these subsystems are complete the entire machine is tested and evaluated against the desired performance defined in the design brief.
These tests can be part of or conclude in a factory acceptance test, where the customer witnesses the testing as it happens and approves the end result prior to shipment.

07 Communicate Results

315 Machine Design - Communicate Results
All results from the testing will be provided to the customer.
All records are also kept electronically to provide a backup of all data and for future product purposes.

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