Machine Design Services

Intelligence + Discipline = Great Design

The intelligence we gain from the technology assessment and discipline is what we put into every machine we design for you — whether it is cradle-to-launch program management, or a one-off machine.

Intelligent design leads to machines that are better and safer — and help you succeed by

  • improving your overall operations,
  • reducing your total cost of ownership,
  • increasing your energy efficiency, and
  • decreasing your maintenance costs.

Machine Design and Documentation

If we are chosen to design your dream machine, we apply several techniques to ensure the design meets the specifications developed through our design process.

Beginning with sketching, both manually and electronically, we concentrate on the end product’s physical attributes – size, fit & finish, location of user interfaces, etc.

Once that is complete, and agreed upon, solid modeling is employed to bring “weight” to the design. It is during this step of the design process that more issues arise.

Issues with manufacturing and assembly. This is where the concepts of DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) come into play.

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

    A technique used to assure that the design can be manufactured and satisfy requirements for quality, reliability, performance, and price. When used it can reduce the total cost of ownership by providing a simpler design with fewer parts; utilizing simpler production processes; and making the machine easier to service.

  • Design for Assembly (DFA)

    A method to minimize the assembly cost by optimizing the process of assembling the machine and reducing the total number of parts. Each part is analyzed for its relevance within the assembly or sub-assembly.

Within the solid modeling software, we can simulate the manufacturing of the components, assembly of the machine, and the use of it to ensure intended operation and see where stresses may occur causing either component or complete machine failure. We can make material choices on the fly to verify costs and sustainability of the product.

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The outcome of the design process is a full set of documentation that you can use to manufacture the prototype — whether you choose to use us or another 3rd-party contract manufacturer. This will include individual component, sub-assembly, and final assembly drawings, as well as any other documents needed (i.e. electrical schematics, P&IDs, etc.)

CAD Design Services

Our CAD design services include.

  • 3D Solid Modeling Design

    3D solid model rendering for high-speed packaging machineUsing our decade’s long experience with state-of-the-art solid modeling software, we can swiftly turn around just about any project. Even if you currently work with another solid modeling software product we can translate back and forth to seamlessly integrate our designs into your existing systems.

  • 2D Detailed Drawings

    2D detailed drawing of press plateFully detailed parts and assemblies are directly developed from our solid modeling software, and are suitable for quoting, costing, and production. These drawings are developed under the guidelines of ASME Y14.5 (dimensions and tolerances) and ASME Y14.100 (drawing practices).

    We can even develop technical illustrations and photo realistic renderings to be used in instruction manuals and sales literature.

  • Electrical Schematics

    Electrical schematicIf your design is mechatronics in nature, we can assist with producing 2D electrical schematics. These drawings are developed under the guidelines of UL508 for electrical enclosures and NFPA79 for industrial panels.


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