Machine Build and Test Services

Great Design + Lean Manufacturing = Intelligent Dream Machines

Want your dream machine built after we design it? We can do that.

Have an existing design for your dream machine, but need it built? We can do that.

We use lean manufacturing techniques to cost-effectively build your dream machines.


Whether you have us design your machine or if you bring us a design we can manufacture it as a prototype.


By definition a prototype is the ‘original’ or first model of something from which other forms are copied or developed.

Some companies think of prototypes as a first article of a much larger product offering.

Some companies think of prototypes as the only one that is built and used to supplement their own manufacturing needs.

No matter what your definition of prototype, we utilize lean manufacturing techniques to reduce as much waste within the process as possible. By utilizing multi-process work cells, we can quickly configure our work space to accommodate many different types of machines. Individual parts are ordered based on when they are needed within the manufacturing process, and the process is not started until critical components are in house. The schedule of production and designs are displayed within the cell so that the assemblers know exactly what needs to be done and in what sequence.

Once the machine is complete it is tested to design criteria established during the design process. If you have brought your own design, we will work with you to establish the test plan, and determine exactly what is needed to accomplish it. Results of each of the test steps are recorded and provided for approval.

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