Design Brief: Part Move Table

Brief No.: 25

Industry: Industrial Marking

Client Name: RSA, Inc.

Client Description: Automation Systems Integrator

Project Name: Part Move Table

Project Description: Develop a high-speed testing apparatus to ensure a product identification marking machine can mark a variety of products under various manufacturing conditions.

Design Criteria/Objectives: Without the use of a conveyor belt move a product weighing up to 5 pounds at a velocity of 900 ft/min — and has one surface being up to 11” x 11”— while a stationary camera captures the product passing beneath it.

The apparatus must have a maximum size of 30” deep, 72” long and a working height of 34” to fit in the designated laboratory space and allow for ergonomic use.

Project Obstacles:

  • Cameras used with ID systems typically have a small operating focus window. The correct focal length and aperture must be selected to allow for a sizable product to be properly captured at 900 feet/minute.
  • Smoothly moving the product across the field of vision of the camera is important to capture the product.
  • Securing a 5-pound object to prevent unintended movement while being moved at the maximum speed.
  • The entire apparatus must not move due to the acceleration and jerk created by the moving product.

The Answer: Designed a table constructed of 80mm (3”) square t-slot aluminum extrusion with a 1” thick aluminum top plate. A servo belt-driven rodless actuator was attached to the bottom of the top plate with the carriage projecting through a slot in it.

To secure the product to be tested, an optical plate was modified and attached to the actuator’s carriage. A series of ¼”-20 tapped holes were placed in the plate to allow for the use of standard hold-downs.

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