315 Machine Design Clients and Projects

Clients We Serve

  • Virtus Equipment
  • Precise Cooling Solutions
  • Smart Pharmacy
  • St. Joseph Plastics
  • Green Box America
  • Thermal Care
  • Global Controls
  • D & D Manufacturing Inc.

Some Words From Our Clients

  • 315 Machine Design has been an outstanding resource for our company. We have benefited tremendously from his extensive expertise in the technical, manufacturing, marketing, financial and commercial aspects of the industrial cooling equipment and systems market. Their professionalism and commitment to go above and beyond in supporting our efforts have been invaluable.

    Steve Powers, Precise Cooling Solutions VP Sales and Owner

Some of Our Work Projects

Startup plastics auxiliary machinery manufacturer and distributor

  • Design, installation and commissioning of testing laboratory and lab equipment for manufacturer, including wiring electricity to the laboratory.
  • Engineering and testing of machinery and systems.
  • Installation and commissioning of machinery and systems at customer facilities.
  • Troubleshooting of previously installed and malfunctioning machinery.

Recycler of post consumer and industrial plastics

  • Analyzed the facility’s recycling line water consumption to eliminate waste. Recommended plant changes resulting in a 25% reduction in water usage.
  • Determined the best cooling tower treatment that would allow for self-control and meet all EPA and municipality requirements.

Industrial temperature control and cooling systems manufacturer

  • Supplemented their engineering department as the lead customer-facing engineer and project manager for the design a specialized cooling system — located in an outdoor, hazardous and coastal location — for use in the cooling, pressurization and liquefaction of natural gas for storage and global exportation.
  • Designed a specialized boiler system for use on a plastics injection molding line at a major automotive manufacturer.
  • Providing chiller and fluid cooler manufacturer with project installation supervision for the installation of 300 tons of chiller and about 450 tons of fluid coolers at an injection molding company. Additionally, helping manufacturer improve and create consistent, easy-to-understand product documentation.
  • Augmented their engineering department for the design of a prototype for a new product line that could improve overall plant energy efficiency and reduce floor space consumption.

Compounding pharmacy

  • Designed an electrically-actuated press to extract and recover over 96% of gel-based medicine or high viscosity fluid from plastic and aluminum collapsible tube containers. The press should help the pharmacy increase their revenue by approximately $1.2 million annually.

Industrial automation systems integrator

  • Supplemented their engineering department as the lead customer-facing engineer to design state-of-the-art industrial laser printer for marking packages; high-speed food packaging machine; and update 100-year-old candy presses to meet current safety regulations.

Contract metal stamping and fabrication manufacturer

  • Conducted a machine safety risk assessment and audit of the installation’s presses and other machinery. Provided recommendations for automation to minimize or eliminate opportunities for potential injury,

Machine Safety Audit

Design Briefs

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